I have been breeding the Aylesbury Duck (large utility strain) for ten years, and during this time I have seen how the Aylesbury Ducklings are forever popular. I have many people call for one reason or the other wanting to own Aylesbury Ducklings the most popular reason is they like to rear them from young as they would like to bond with them or their children and lets face it showing children how to feed, handle and look after any form of livestock is nothing but good showing them responsibility, care and the vulnerability of life. The other reason for wanting ducklings is for those wishing to fatten for the freezer and of course the Aylesbury Duck is a good, heavy and meaty bird that I usually dispatched between 13 to 14 weeks.

Day-old Aylesbury ducklings

Over the years I have seen the popularity of the Aylesbury Ducklings and now feel that I need to write-up a small page to inform you that due to their popularity I am taking orders well in advance. Which mean I take orders for ducklings from the previous year for the following year.

How I Work

In February (when the fruity season begins), I start collecting eggs to check the fertility if the fertility rate is over 50% I then start collecting hatching eggs for the incubator. Therefore, my first hatching will be beginning of March. Those of you wishing to have your birds early the best time to have and own your Aylesbury Ducklings is from the March or the April hatching.

Aylesbury ducklings' first day outside

The Aylesbury Ducklings are sold from three day old to two weeks old. I say three day old as to sell them at day old is really not fair as I like to wait for them to feather up, have a first feed and water and settle before shipping them off.


Most of you will wish to have your birds delivered. Some of you would like to coincide a hatching with your holiday down here in Devon/Cornwall and pick up your Aylesbury Ducklings on your way home. Some of you have had your friends and even your in-laws pick up your Aylesbury Ducklings on the way home Ė how you get away with this I donít know!

Aylesbury ducklings in the garden

For those of you who wish to have your Aylesbury Ducklings or any of birds from me delivered, I would like to inform you that I use a DEFRA registered courier who I have worked with for over 7 years and can inform you that my birds have travelled to Portugal, German, France and Ireland and have had no troubles.

Pricing and Payment for Aylesbury Ducklings

  • Up to two weeks old unsexed for quantities up to and including 10: GBP4.00 each
  • Up to two weeks old unsexed for quantities from and over 11: GBP3.50 each
  • From three weeks old unsexed: GBP6.50 each
  • From four weeks old sexed GBP12.00 each
  • Fully feathered, sexed GBP20.00 each
  • Hatching eggs: GBP1.90 each plus postage and packaging

Escaped Aylesbury ducklings in the garden

Whatís left to do

Through experience over the years most of you will want to chat before making a decision to keep the Aylesbury Duck and of course you are more than welcome to contact me with your questions. But from time-to-time you may have to leave a message for me as I am using a strimmer, on the quad or moving the pigs or sheep so please be patient and I will return your call and/or email.

We now have Aylesbury Duck eggs for sale. Please call for details.

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